Tourist Places in RAMESHWARAM (Tamil Nadu) – Uppoor: (85 kms.)


Uppoor: (85 kms.) This place has an ancient Vinayaka temple. It is said that Sri Rama worshipped the deity here before embarking on his way to Lanka.
Rameshwaram is connected by rail and road from Madurai. State buses operate to this place almost every day. In addition, a large number of tourist buses and vans run from many South Indian cities during week ends. There are a number of cottages and guest houses built by the temple management for the accommodation of pilgrims. In addition, many devotees have built choultries, Dharmashalas and rest houses which are available to the visitors and devotees. There are a number of lodging houses in the township. Taxis, autorickshaws and tongas can be hired for local sight seeing.

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