Tourist Places in Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu) – Thirukadaiyur temple devasthanam

thirukadaiyur temple devasthanam

Thirukandiyur: 10 kms. In a small village leading to Aralur, one can see a little shrine of Subramanya. One of the greatest deeds accomplished by Lord Shiva in this temple was the removal of the fifth face of Brahma according to mythology. This place enshrines the Shiva temple known as Brahma Sirachedana Ishwara. In this well lighted temple, there are several sculptures worthy of study. Besides the large figure of Brahma, there is a row of different types of Ganesha idles and also a rare form of Ardha Nari Shiva in a sitting pose. Vishnu is worshipped here as Harapapa Hari Perumal or Hara shapa Vimochana Perumal, the God who expiated the sin committed by Shiva in removing one of Brahma’s heads.

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