Tourist Places in Chitradurga (Karnataka) – Hiriyur

A Taluk capital on the river banks of Vedavati River and along the N H4 n ea r C h itra d u rg a, H i riyu r i s fa med fo r the Therumalleshawara temple with eye-catching Dravidian architecture, impressive lofty towers and scenic paintings depicting scenes… Continue reading

Tourist Places in Chitradurga (Karnataka) – DODDAHOTRANGAPPA HILL

The Ranganathaswamy temple lies atop a steep hill, the Doddahottrangappa Hill. The steep  slope of the hil is ideal for trekking and a good source of exciting adventure for trekkers. Besides the surrounding areas are a treat to the eyes. Continue reading

Tourist Places in Chitradurga (Karnataka) – Molakalmuru

Initially, a fortified and armed town belonging to the Kadambas and presently a Panchayat town of the district Chitradurga is the Molakalmuru which lies on the borders of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka states. The famous and unique Molkalmuru saris.Molakalmuru     Continue reading

Places to visit in Vani vilas sagar

The   oldest   dam   of   Karnataka   and   a   man-made   reservoir constructed  across the Vedavathi  River and about 32 km away from Chitradurga is the Vani Vilas Sagar which is also called Man Kanive. Its construction was supervised by’Tara Chand Dalal.   Continue reading