Tourist Places in Udupi (Karnataka) – kodachadri hills

Kodachadri is a mountain  peak with  dense forests(altitude  —    1343 meters above sea level) in the Western Ghats in South India , (Karnataka State). The name comes from native word “Kodacha” or “Kodashi” which means hill and “Adri” a Sanskrit word,  both combined together coined the word Kodachadri. It is also called “Kutachadri” and… Continue reading

Tourist Places in Udupi (Karnataka) – maravanthe beach shimoga

A drive up north along the coastal road to Maravanthe, 50 kms from Udupi, is the unique seaside town, where NH-17 cruises along with Arabian Sea on one side and the Sauparnika River on the other against a mountainous background of the Kodachadri Hills. The highway bordered on either side… Continue reading

Tourist Places in Udupi (Karnataka) – Mookambika wildlife sanctuary

The Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary which is spread over 247 sq kms is best visited from November to March.It is contiguous with the Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary and the vegetation is thick with evergreen, semi-evergreen, moist deciduous forests of the Western Ghats along with small patches. Continue reading

Tourist Places in Udupi (Karnataka) – Kollur Mookambika temple

 The Mookambika Devi Temple stands on the spur of the lush green Kodachadri peak overlooking the Sauparnika river. It is visited by millions of devotees from Karnataka and Kerala as well as the rest of India. Considered to be one of the seven Muktistala pilgrimage.   Continue reading

Tourist Places in Udupi (Karnataka) – Kollur Arishinagundi Falls

It requires quite a bit of effort to visit the Arishina Gundi Waterfalls, which  is deep inside the Mookambika           Sanctuary. It can only be reached only by trekking well over two hours into the deep jungle. At same places the forest canopy is so thick.   Continue reading