Places to visit in Sivasagar

Sivasagar (Sibsagar)

Sivasagar was once the capital of the Ahoms (Tai) who reigned supreme as an invincible power for 600 years, until the British annexed the region in 1826. The district got its name from the large 129-acre artificial tank called the Sibsagar Lake. Three unique Ahom temple towers rising above the tank’s partly wooded southern banks include the 33 meter high Shivadol Mandir, India’s tallest Shiva temple. At a stone’s throw from the temples, there are ancient cannons made from iron, preserved as relics, from the days of Ahom rule.

The Assam Tai Museum at the tank’s southwest is a centre of attraction. The 250- year-old Sibsagar Tank constructed by Queen Madambika is visited by Siberian ducks during winter. Just 6 km off Sibsagar town, you will love to explore a monument, the Kareng Ghar and Talatal Ghar, the latter a seven-storied structure, of which, three are underground.

§||g Other Wildlife Sanctuaries


Kaziranga National Park: Located about 100 km from Jorhat, the Kaziranga National Park, spread over 430 sq. km along the Brahmaputra River, is the oldest national park in Assam. This park is known for the great one-horned rhinoceros. But among the tall elephant grass and rugged reeds, marshes and shallow pools are hidden many other species like elephants, Indian bison, swamp deer, sambar, hog deer, sloth bear, tiger, leopard, and many bird species. All these are joined by a number of migratory birds during winters. And, of course, the enticing national park supports all of them with grace and style.

Pabha or Milroy Sanctuary: Located in

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Lakhimpur District, the Pabha Sanctuary covers an area of 49 sq. km. This Sanctuary was created to protect the wild water buffalo. For accommodation and other details contact the Chief Conservator of forest, Zoo Narengi Road, Guwahati.

Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary: Slightly larger than the Pabha Sanctuary, the Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 175 sq. km. It is located along the foothills of Himalayas in Sonitpur district. This park combines scenic beauty with exotic wildlife. It is a home for elephants, Indian bisons and many other species of animals and birds. Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary: Spread over 60 sq. km., the Laokhowa wildlife Sanctuary is just 15 km from Nagoan town. It is famous for the one-horned rhino, wild buffalo, swampdeerand many kindsof birds.

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