Tourist Places in Chikmagalur (Karnataka) – kalhatti falls kemmangundi

10 km away from Kemmanagundi is the Kalhatti Falls, which begins at the top of the Chandradrona  hill and also goes by the names Kalahasti Falls or Kallathigiri Falls. The water from the captivating fall, cascading down from a height of 122 metres, environment   in  the According to many locals and several folk legends, the place is said to be associated with the sage Agasthya. An ancient temple, built between the gaps in the rocks, located here is assumed to have been built in the period of the Vijayanagar Empire. The Kalhatti Falls is a religious and sacred centre for both the Muslims nd the Hindus and an annual pilgrimage (jatra) of Veerabhadra is held here for three consecutive days during the months of March/April, which attracts dedicated, God-fearing devotees and tourists from all over the country and often, from even outside India.

After cascading down a height of 45 metres, the water from the fall then flows in front of the Veerabhadreshwara Temple, which is dedicated to  Lord Shiva. The fall, coupled with the excessively glorious    environs    and   atmosphere,    makes   this    place spellbinding  and  popular  hill station,  luring teeming  crowds  of tourists to visit each year.

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