Explore the Beauty of Lower Bhavani Dam: A Must-Visit Tourist Spot in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Lower Bhavani Dam

Explore the majestic Lower Bhavani Dam, located 70 kms away from Coimbatore! This is one of the major irrigational projects of the state, with the reservoir called Bhavani Sagar, created across the river Bhavani, covering a vast area of 8 kms. Take a cruise by motor launch and experience the beauty of the dam. Visit the Shiva temple of Sangameshwara, situated at the confluence of the river Cauvery with Bhavani, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. This is an excellent place for a picnic, with a rest house at the dam site for overnight stay.

Coimbatore is easily accessible by air, rail and road, with excellent road systems and buses operating to all the interior places at frequent intervals. There are very good lodging facilities available in the city to suit all kinds of visitors, with taxis, vans and autorickshaws available for local transport.

When speaking of the beauty of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, there is no doubt that the mesmerising Lower Bhavani Dam is one of the must-visit tourist spots. Located in the famous Sathyamangalam Forest Reserve, the dam is the second largest in Tamil Nadu.

This dam is visited by thousands of people across years owing to its mesmerising beauty, wide range of activities and easy access from Coimbatore. Surrounded by vast hills and lush green meadows, it is a perfect spot for both adventure and sightseeing activities. Travelers can easily hire boats to take a heavenly ride in the waters or even opt for adventure activities such as tree planting, trekking, angling and more.

For those more interested in sightseeing, there are plenty of activities to try out. With a vast array of flora and fauna, bird watching and nature trails are the most popular activities in the area. There are also various historic sites around the dam like the Perumal Temple and the Anaimalai Tank built by the illustrious Chola dynasty.

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Surrounded by 27 peaks, visitors are sure to enjoy a blissful view of the Lower Bhavani Dam from all angles. The beauty of the dam at night is particularly remarkable as the stars twinkle above and the waters below capture the reflection of the moonlight. In addition to this, the authentic Tamil cuisine around the dam is sure to tantalise the taste buds of any foodie.

With so much on offer, there is no doubt that the Lower Bhavani Dam is an ideal destination to experience the beauty of Tamil Nadu. Surrounded by tall hills, lush green meadows, a wide variety of flora and fauna, historic sites and authentic cuisine, it is a must-visit spot for all tourists visiting Coimbatore.

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