Tourist Places in Delhi – Masjid and Chandni Chowk

Masjid: Built duringthe reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, the Jama Masjid is one ofthe largest mosques in India. Facing west, the Jama Masjid’s three sides are covered with open arched colonnades, each having a lofty tower-like gateway in the centre. Its large courtyard, onion domes and central tank are built of red sandstone and white marble in the Indo-lslamic style. The mosque is about 80 meters long and 27 meters wide, and its roof is covered with three domes with alternate stripes of black and white marble, and its topmost parts are covered with gold. Two lofty minarets flank the domes on either side.

Chandni Chowk: The foundation stone for this bazaar, founded by the Mughals, was laid by Jahanara, emperor Shah Jahan’s favourite daughter. Today, it is the largest trading centre of northern India, and is also known as the Moonlit Square. Situated opposite Red Fort, the erstwhile capital ofthe Mughal dynasty, Chandni Chowk is characterised by many lanes and by-lanes filled with the hustle and bustle of vibrant markets. Each of these lanes is famous for a specialty that is particularto itself.

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