Tourist Places in Jammu & Kashmir- Zanskar


Zanskar, a remote mountain bordering Ladakh, is about 20 km to the south of Rangdum. It is located at an average altitude of 4,000 meters and can only be reached by a strenuous week-long trek or a 14 hour drive along a pitted and potholed track along the Suru River. The stark mountain landscape, dotted by little villages and stunning monasteries perched on high cliffs, and the towering snow peaks around it, make Zanskar a tourism destination wrapped in adventure and mystery.

From November to May, all the access passes to Zanskar remain closed due to heavy snowfall. It needs strength and a brave heart to explore Zanskar during winter to see the ice-covered valley in its beauty.


the past. Eight km from here is Sani, one of the ancient religious sites of the area. The temple built by the Emperor Kanishka, has some beautiful murals and paintings. There is also a monastery which was founded in the 8th century by the famous saint Padmasambhava.



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Padum: It is the main town of Zanskar and is

the starting point of the treks in the region. It

has some basic accommodation and shops

and transport. At the centre of the town is an

ancient rock carving of the five Dhyani


Pipiting: Known for its holiness, Pipiting is the site of a temple and chorten, or stupa, where the Dalai Lama delivered sermons in

Karsha monastery: The monastery, as it stands today, was the result of the efforts of the Teacher, Dorje Shesrab. It was under him thatthe monastery flourished and prospered. Situated 10 km from Padum, the monastery has a large congregation of monks. The original temple has exquisite murals and rock engravings and is worth a visit.

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Bardhan and Phugtal monasteries are situated in the remote Lungnak Valley, which can be reached only by a strenuous trek or by horse. But, the amazing location of these monasteries make it worth a visit.

Activities: The Lamayuru-Padum Trek, Padum-Lamayuru via Singge La, the Darcha- Lamayuru Trek via Zanskar, the Southern Zanskar Trek, the Zanskar-Darcha-Padum Trek, the Trans Zanskar Expedition, the Ladakh-Zanskar Trek and the Zanskar- Lamayuru Trek are some of the exciting options. White water rafting along the Zanskar River is another thrilling experience. It is available from July to mid-September

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