Tourist Places in kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) –Tiruvalluvar Statue

Tiruvalluvar Statue

Tiruvalluvar Statue: A huge statue of the Tamil Savant Poet, Tiruvalluvar has been installed on the minor rock adjacent to the Vivekananda Memorial Rock. This statue is 95 feet in height placed on a 38 feet high pedestal, Adhara Petham, signifying the 133 chapters of the Thirukkural. The right hand of Thiruvalluvar with three fingers pointing skywards signifies the three cantos of Thirukkural, Aram, Pond and Inbam. The monument is a cultural fusion and has been built conforming to traditional Indian architecture. Provision has been made to provide a hollow portion inside the statue from toe to scalp. Visitors will not be allowed to scale. They will be permitted to climb up to the foot of the statue.

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