Tourist Places in Kodagu Coorg (Karnataka) – Abbi Falls in kodagu

Abbi Falls, around 8 km from Madikeri, the capital of Coorg, is a sight that is truly stupendous; the spectacular sight of cascading water is an absolute treat for the eyes and the senses! Nestled amidst private coffee plantations, the Abbi Falls provide a striking contrast to the sylvan surroundings of Coorg. A narrow road winding through the green and dense foliage of surrounding coffee plantations leads to Abbi Falls. Situated on private property, a narrow pathway leads you downward to where the waterfall can be seen.

As various streams congregate in the mountains above,  they swell with the monsoon rains and force their way down the mountain slope. Splashing hard against the huge  boulders  of rock, unmindful of the crevices and hollows, the water drops at enormous speeds accompanied by gushing sounds. This white wall of water creates a misty cloud with its moisture-like spray and descends into a flowing stream to perhaps join with the River Cauvery somewhere in the vicinity.

The gushing waters of the Abbi falls, tumbling down a rocky ravine, results in a deafening sound that can be heard from a distance. During the monsoon season, the Abbi swells with abundant seasonal rains with water plunging down the mountain slope at enormous speed. The locale is scenic but protective railings installed at the edge of the fall leaves the spot with hardly any space to sit around, thus, making it a not so favourable destination for picnics. However, go here to savour beauty in its most absolute and natural form.

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