Tourist Places in MADURAI (Tamil Nadu) – Tirukoshtiyur:(46 kms.)


Tirukoshtiyur:(46 kms.) A heritage Vaishnava temple and a centre of attraction for pilgrims and visitors. Though it is a Vaishnava temple, it has shrines for Shiva. Subramanya, Vinayaka and Devi. Tradition says that all the gods assembled here in a group Koshti to pray for Maha Vishnu. Thus, it acquired the name as Koshityuror the Place of Divine Assemblage. The presiding deity is Vishnu as Uraga Mellnayam meaning Vishnu reclining on Adisesha. The most significant feature of this temple is the 32 metre high Astanga Vimanam crowned by glittering gold kalasham. The sacred tank is called as Amava Pushkarini. This place can be reached by bus from Sivaganga.

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