Tourist Places in RAMESHWARAM (Tamil Nadu) – Devi Pattanam: (70 kms.)

Devi Pattanam

Devi Pattanam: (70 kms.) A small coastal village also known as Nam Pashanam on account of the nine stones installed there by Sri Rama to represent the Navagraha Deities. These nine stones can still be seen in hip-deep water near the bathing ghat of the sea. There is a temple for Shiva nearby. Rama is said to have worshipped the Linga with Thila (gingelly seeds) and hence the deity is known as Tilakeshivarar. There is a fine idol of goddess Durga holding weapons in her eight arm. It is said that Rama prayed to this goddess to protect the Sethu to Lanka from destruction.

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