Tourist Places in TIRCHIRAPALLY (Tamil Nadu) – Vayalur: 18 kms.


Vayalur: 18 kms. Popularly known as Kumara Vayalur and Adi Vayalur, this place has an ancient temple for Lord Muruga set amidst lush green vegetation. The main tower is richly ornamented with five tiers. In the front is the sacred tank created by Lord Muruga with his
Vel. It is known by various names as Kumara Tirtha, Shakti Tirtha and Agni Tirtha. Inside the shrine is the idol of Muruga in a rare posture. He is shown with his twin consorts Valli and Devayani, with his hands raised like the Lord of Tirupati. There is also a Shiva temple dedicated to Agneshwara with his consort Parvati called as Munnilai Nayaki. A peculiar feature of the temple is the Sundara Thandavam of Nataraja. He dances with both of his feet on the ground without the usual semi-circular arch on the rear. Saint Arunagirinathar is said to have come to this place to sing in praise of the Lord. This place is connected by bus service and there is a temple choultry for the convenience of visitors and devotees.

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