Tourist Places in TIRUNELVELI (Tamil Nadu) – Tiruchendur: (48 kms.)


Tiruchendur: (48 kms.) Situated on the seashore, Tiruchendur is famous for its temple of Lord Subramanya which is visited by thousands of devotees all the year round. Tradition says that the Lord vanquished the demon Shoora Padman at this place. Lord Subramanya is worshipped here in the warrior aspect. Fragrant sandal paste and rose water are the most acceptable offerings to this deity. Ugra Pandya, the fourth of the Pandyan line is reputed to have built this temple. Standing majestically jutting into the sea so that the casual observer sees the temple rising from the sea bed itself. There is a beautiful beach by the side of the temple. A number of guest houses and cottages have been built by the temple to provide accommodation to the pilgrims and visitors.

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