Tourist Places in TIRUNELVELI (Tamil Nadu) – TIRUNELVELI (160 kms. from Madurai)

tirunelveli shiva temples

Situated on the banks of river Tambraparni. Tirunelveli was once the capital of the Pandyans and has a history that goes back 2000 years. The inscriptions call this place as Venuvana (forest of bamboos). The Shiva temple dedicated to Nelliappar is famous for its magnificent sculptural art. There is another shrine for goddess Kantimathi Amman in the same enclosure. The temple has six magnificently ornamented towers. The shrine for Lord Nelliappar has two chambers; one has the Lingam and the other has Vishnu reclining on the serpent bed, called here as Nellar Govindar. The hall in front of the Amman shrine is called as Oonjal Mandapam which has gigantic pillars decorated with huge Yalis. The sacred pond is called Golden Lotus Teertham. The second enclosure houses the famous Tambra Sabha noted for its delicate wood workings. The Mani Mandapam in front of the shrine is supported by several musical pillars carved out of a huge block of stone and sculptures of dancing damsels, musicians and wrestlers. The annual festival celebrated in the month of Ani (June – July) attracts a great congregation of pilgrims and visitors. The first incursions of Christianity came to this part of South India and the most pictorial Cathedrals can be seen around Tirunelveli

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