Tourist Places near Bangalore (Karnataka) – CUBBON PARK

Serving as the lungs of the city of Bangalore, the glorious Cubbon Park spreads over an area of about over 300 acres and houses various attractions for tourists, as well as the people of Bangalore, such as the rose gaFden, the Memorial Hall located at the centre of the park that is dedicated  to Aeshadri Aiyar,  a Jawahar  Bél
Bhavan, a Children’s Park and ‘a Doll Museum. The Chief Engineer of Mysore, Sir Richard Sankey, laid the foundation for the park in 1864 and it was named aRer Sir Mark Cubbon, the

longest serving commissioner of Bangalore.

The Cubbon Park is known for its various attractions which set it

apart from every other park. The aquarium at the entrance boasts

of a good collection of exotic fish and is also the second largest aquarium in the country. The lush green park is only broken by a road that acts a perfect place for joggers and fithess-conscious people to work up a swpat. Early morning walks through this track is a perfect delight and a much enjoyed activity for the people of this city. It is a nice place for children to hang out, safe from the

busy streets of the city, and children can often be seen playing

games and climbing the natural rocks within the Park. The central garden inside the park has an open stage, which is often used by amateur or professional artists for performances or gigs.

For those who work up an appetite, with all the walking around the
park or general activity, you do have eating options in the form of a

light refreshment restaurant within the children’s park and fruit vendors with their mobile shops along the border of the park.

At a distance of about only 5 km from the railway station, Cubbon
Park can also be accessed from the Mahatma Gandhi Roadand

the High Court side for people with vehicles. The park is open for public at all times, except that vehicles are not allowed inside the

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