Tourist Places near Bangalore (Karnataka) – SHIVAGANGA

Shivaganga, Bangalore is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bangalore. This is a temple, which is located on the top of a hill, 8 kilometers from Dabas Pet, on the National Highway 4. The highway connects  Bangalore to Tumkur.  Be sure to visit Shivaganga, Bangalore on your Bangalore Tour.Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka state in India is officially called Bengaluru. The city of Bangalore is considered the India’s third-most densely populated city. Dating back to 1537, this city features several tourist attractions. One of the important places to visit  in Bangalore is the temple, Shivaganga, Bangalore.

Shivaganga in Bangalore is a must see on your Bangalore tour. The temple, Shivaganga is a combination of two names, Shiva and gange. The water which is found here is considered to be as holy as the River Ganga from Kashi. It is located on the top ofa hill. You will find a statue of Nandi at the top of the temple. This tourist attraction is frequented by loads of devotees throughout the year. Tourists from all over the country as well as the world, come to this point to worship Lord Shiva.

Shivaganga, Bangalore is located 70 kilometers from Bangalore. So, you can start your journey to this temple in the morning. Make sure to use the National Highway 4 ds the road condition is extremely good and you will reach within a short span of time. The journey is very comfortable and traveling to the top will be fun and enjoyable.

There are many more old temples in the region. Some of the underground temples re called Dakshin Kashi, or Varanasi of South. If you want to visit these temples, you will have to walk to the top of the hills.

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