Tourist Places near Guwahati (Assam) – Vadodara

Vadodara (Baroda)

Vadodara or Baroda is located southeast of Ahmedabad. Prior to independence, the city served as the capital of the princely Gaekwad state. It is an important cultural center of India, housing art galleries and museums. The prominent tourist attractions are the museum, indo-saracenic palace, beautiful Tambekar Wada and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Champaner, 47 km northeast of Vadodara.

How to reach there Located on National Highway 8, Vadodra is 113 km from Ahmedabad and 420 km from Mumbai. The Vadodara railway station is located on the northwestern part of the city. Vadodara railway station lies on the main Ahmedabad-Mumbai line and hence many trains stop at Vadodara. The Vadodara airport is 8 km northeast of the railway station.

Places of interest Sayaji Bagh: This spacious, shady garden


the outskirts of the city. It serves as the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. The park has recreational facilities that suit both the young and the old alike.


with an awesome green cover is an important tourist attraction. Here, one can see the Baroda Museum and Art Gallery. The Museum has a good collection of artifacts comprising Indian sculptures and ancient manuscripts, as well as Egyptian antiquities. The art gallery has Mughal miniatures and some works of European masters. The Sayaji Bagh also has a planetarium and a small zoo. Tambekar Wada: This multi-storeyed townhouse is a typical Maratha mansion. It is under the care of the Archaeological Survey of India. It was once the residence of Bhau Tambekar, the Diwan of Baroda (1849-54). It houses some beautiful murals of the 19th century.

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H AROUNDVADODARA Champaner: The town of Champaner, also known as Pavagadh, is 47 km northeast of Vadodara. It is famous for its Jami Masjid, which is one of the most beautiful mosques and an outstanding example of Muslim architecture in Gujarat. The central dome, the placement of balconies and carved entrance gates are striking. There is also a medieval fort located at the foothills of Pavagadh. Jambughoda: This charming ex-princely state of Jambughoda is situated 25 km off Champaner. It was converted as a sanctuary in 1992. Tourists can stay at the Jambughoda Palace, built in 1924, managed by the erstwhile royal family who still live there. Dabhoi: This town, 29 km southeast of Vadodara, is well known for its 13th-century Hindu military architecture. The fort of Dabhoi is one ofthe rare surviving examples of Hindu military architecture, based on the shastri traditions described in various Vaastu scriptures.

Dakor: 50 km from Vadodara and halfway to Ahmedabad, is famous for its Temple of Ranchodrai and is a sacred place for the followers of Lord Krishna.

Bharuch: This historically important place is located on the main railway line betweenVadodara and Surat, and is famous for its monuments and the Narmada River which flows through it. The hilltop fort

overlooks the Narmada and has the Jama Masjid at its base. On the river bank, east of the city, is the Temple of Bhrigu Rishi.

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