Tourist Places near Kumbakonam (Tamil Nadu) – Pazhayarai kumbakonam

pazhayarai kumbakonam

Pazhayaru: 8 kms. This little hamlet was the capital of the ancient Chola dynasty. Several hundred years before the Taj Mahal was built, a Tamil king had thought of such a similar structure in memory of his
step-mother. This temple is known as Pallipadai temple which means burying the dead and erecting a temple at the site. This Shiva temple dedicated to Panchavan Maha Devi Ishwaran is one such temple at this place. It is a unique work of art and a monument of historical importance. The Chola King Rajendra built this temple in memory of his step-mother. Though a Shiva temple, it is called traditionally as Ramanatha Swamy temple.

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