Tourist Places near Rajasthan – Ajmer

Ajmer can be easily reached by road from both Jaipur and Delhi. The journey by road from Delhi to Ajmer will take about nine hours. Ajmer is located on the main Delhi- Jaipur-Ahmedabad-Mumbai line and almost all trains stop at Ajmer. There is a daily Shatabdi Express from Delhi to Ajmer. The nearestairportisJaipur(135 km).


12th century by constructing a dam across the Luni River. Named after the ruler Anaji Chauhana, Ana Sagar also has a series of impressive white marble pavilions (Baradaris), built byShahJahan in 1637.

Kishangarh: This sleepy little hamlet located 27 km from Ajmer, was once the capital of a princely state ruled by the Rathores. It nurtured one of the finest schools of miniature paintings in the 18th century. The Bani Thani style of miniature painting in Kishangarh evolved under Nihal Chand, the court painter of Raja Sawant Singh.

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