Tourist Places near Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu) –Brihadishwara temple in thanjavur

brihadishwara temple in thanjavur

Brihadishwara Temple: This grandest temple is one of the most famous living monuments of the world. Conceived by the great Raja Raja Chola and built by master architects, this monument is one of the finest contributions by the Chola dynasty. Inspite of the city having come under the sway of diverse rulers, the temple has been carefully preserved. Tradition has it that the chief architect and masons were specially brought from Kanchipuram.
Resting on a wide base, the tower rises to a height of 72 metres and contains 14 storeys. The gilded Kalasha rests on a single block of granite weighing about 80 tonnes. In front of the temple is the huge Nandi hewn out of a solid block of stone. This is said to be the second largest Nandi in the country. The walls of the temple are full of beautiful sculpture of various types.

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