Tourist Places near Tumkur (Karnataka) – IDAR FORT

The origins of this magnificent fort can be traced to the flourishing Sultanate Empire which ruled Bidar after it changed hands from the Chalukyas to the Yadavas and then the Kakatiyas.

The main gateway of the moated Bidar Fort was originally built by Bahamani Sultan Ahmad Shah Wali in 1429 AD. Later on, when Ahmad Shah Wali (1422 – 35) the ninth Bahamani Sultan decided to shift his capital from Gulbarga to Bidar health reasons, further improvements were carried out to the fort.

Inside the fort was the royal town planned with palaces, baths and kitchens, audience halls, and pleasure pavilion Though most of the buildings are in ruins now, the royal residence of Rangin Mahal stands out for its sheer elegance and exquisite carvings. Built by Ali Shah Band in the 16th century, it represents the best of Persian architecture with intricate wood carvings, glazed tile mosaics and mother-of-pearl decorations.

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