Tourist Places in kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) – Suchindram


Suchindram: (13 kms.) This is actually a Shiva temple but in fact the only temple in the country dedicated to the Hindu Trinity, popularly known as the Thamulayan. It symbolises Shiva. Brahma and Vishnu, traditionally called as Dattatreya. The temple is a fine example of Dravidian art and architecture, several dynasties contributing to its construction and expansion. The main tower is 45 metres high with seven tiers beautifully sculptured. The Alankara Mandapam is an exquisite monolithic tower supported by massive pillars. This is the place where Indra was purified, thus giving the name Suchi Indra. The halls inside have fine figures of sculpture and a group of musical pillars, each giving a different tune. There is a huge standing statue of Hanuman 6 metres high, which is said to be the tallest in India.

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