Tourist Places in PUDUKOTTAI (Tamil Nadu) – Kunnandar Kovil: (27 kms.)

Kunnandar Kovil

Kunnandar Kovil: (27 kms.) This ancient cave temple has a Shiva shrine which goes back to the 8th century. The inscription records the name of the place as Kunru-Andar-kovil which means the Temple of the Lord of the Hill. This temple was built by a Muttrayar chief who was probably a vassal of Nandivarman Pallava Malla. The temple combines the features of the late Pallava and early Chola styles and has a beautiful hundred pillared Nritta Mandapain. The deity is called Parvatagirishwara. The walls are decorated with a number of rock cut sculptures. Excellent bronze images of deities are preserved in this temple. State buses operate up to Kunnadar Kovil village.

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