Tourist Places in PUDUKOTTAI (Tamil Nadu) – Avudayar Kovil: (45 kms.)

Avudayar Kovil

Avudayar Kovil: (45 kms.) This prosperous village is noted for its ancient Shiva temple dedicated to Atmanathar. In the ancient days, This place was known as Tiruperuthurai. It is believed that this temple was founded by Saint Manickyavachagar, in the 8th century. The temple is unique in spiritual concept, design and architecture. The shrine of Shiva has no Linga. There is only the Avudayar (Base) with a metal cover which symbolises the deity. Similarly, the Amman shrine called Shivayoga Nayaki, also does not have any idol; the worship is done only to the Holy feet displayed symbolically. However, the front hall has a wonderful display of life size idols of exquisite sculpture of deities, nowhere found in this part of the country. Every pillar of the hall is profusely carved with fine figures. The village can be reached easily by bus or from the railway station Aarantangi.

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