Tourist Places in PUDUKOTTAI (Tamil Nadu) – Avudayar Kovil: (45 kms.)

Avudayar Kovil: (45 kms.) This prosperous village is noted for its ancient Shiva temple dedicated to Atmanathar. In the ancient days, This place was known as Tiruperuthurai. It is believed that this temple was founded by Saint Manickyavachagar, in the 8th century. The temple is unique in spiritual concept, design… Continue reading

Tourist Places in PUDUKOTTAI (Tamil Nadu) – Kunnandar Kovil: (27 kms.)

Kunnandar Kovil: (27 kms.) This ancient cave temple has a Shiva shrine which goes back to the 8th century. The inscription records the name of the place as Kunru-Andar-kovil which means the Temple of the Lord of the Hill. This temple was built by a Muttrayar chief who was probably… Continue reading

Tourist Places in PUDUKOTTAI (Tamil Nadu) – Tirukkattalai: (12 kms.)

Tirukkattalai: (12 kms.) This small village has another Shiva temple dedicated to Sundareshwara. Mentioned in the inscriptions as Karkurichi, this temple has the tower at the entrance which is square at the base and pyramidal in design. This rare architecture is embellished with finely carved figures of deities. The walls… Continue reading

Tourist Places in PUDUKOTTAI (Tamil Nadu) –Tiruvangai Vasal: (5 kms.)

Tiruvangai Vasal: (5 kms.) Not far from Thirugokarnam, a suburb of Pudukottai, is an ancient temple dedicated to Venkatanathar or Vyaghrapurishwarar. True to its name, the Linga in the shrine gives the facial expression of a tiger. There is an interesting local legend connected with this deity and the divine… Continue reading

Tourist Places in PUDUKOTTAI (Tamil Nadu) – SittanavasaL: (18 kms.)

Sittanavasal: (18 kms.) Near the village Annavasal is a cluster of rock caves, which can be termed as the Ajantha of the South. Megalithic burial sites near Sittanavasal caves testify their hoary past, while the rich sculpture and paintings adjoining the caves are similar to the famous Ajanta caves. In… Continue reading

Tourist Places in PUDUKOTTAI (Tamil Nadu) – Narthamalai: (16 kms.)

Narthamalai: (16 kms.) The place is of great antiquity. Originally known as Nagarthamalai, meaning The Abode of Merchant Guild. A series of eight hills encircle the village, and the valley below presents an enchanting view. Today, the place has become famous for its Mariamman temple patronised by the surrounding villages…. Continue reading