Tourist Places in kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) – Tirupparappu Water Falls:

Tirupparappu Water Falls

Tirupparappu Water Falls: 15 kms. from Nagercoil. The temple of Mahadeva at this place is a popular Shiva temple. The very word of the village denotes a pavilion of beauty and sacredness. The panoramic view of the shrine with green hills and perennial river Kodayar running in front of the shrine is really fascinating and attractive. The sparkling water falls on the south­western side of the temple is a rich feast for the eyes. Thus, the pavilion presents a peerless treasure of scenic beauty and enchantment. It is said that a shrine of Bhadrakali is situated within a cave by the side of the water falls. As such, the local people call the water falls as Bhadrakali Falls.

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