Tourist Places in kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) – Nagercoil: (19 kms.)


Nagercoil: (19 kms.) Named after the temple, the deity is dedicated to Nagaraja, the king of serpents, this temple is unique in many respects. In fact, the presiding deities are Shiva and Vishnu enshrined in the same complex. The original temple appears to have been a Jaina shrine as evidenced by the prominent figures of Jaina Tirthankaras on the pillars and the idols of Mahavira and Parshwanatha on the ground. The idol of Nagaraja is enshrined in the place where it was found. The sand around the deity is scooped out and given to the devotees. It is also noteworthy that the entrance to the temple has a peculiar architecture resembling a Chinese Buddhist Vihara.

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