Tourist Places in Koppala (Karnataka) – Anegondi in koppala

Anegondi which literally means elephant pit in Kannada, is a small village in Koppal district of Karnataka state, located on the north banks of the Tungabhadra River on the opposite bank of the Vittala Temple.

Anegondi was the original capital city of the Vijayanagara Empire when Mohammad Tughlaq, Sultan of Delhi, defeated the King of Anegondi (Jambukeshwara Raya) and appointed Malik Nayab as his  representative  to  rule  over  the  city.  During  this  time  the brothers   Hakka   and   Bukka   organised         group   following dyaranya s  advice  that  successfully  recaptured  Anegondi without bloodshed by sneaking into the Anegondi fort and taking Malik Nayab prisoner while he was drunk. Later on, Hakka and Bukka  (along  with  the  help  of  Vidyaranya)   would  found  the Vijayanagara Empire with Anegondi as its capital, though it was moved  to  nearby  Vijayanagara  in  northern  Karnataka  as  the empire continued to expand.

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