Tourist Places in PALANI (Tamil Nadu) – PALANI 56 kms. from Dindigul. 119 kms. Madurai 109 kms. from Coimbatore.


PALANI 56 kms. from Dindigul. 119 kms. Madurai 109 kms. from Coimbatore.
This is an important and beautiful pilgrim centre in South India. It is one of the six abodes most sacred to Lord Muruga. The temple built atop a 140 metre high hill can be reached either by climbing 697 well cut stone steps or by Using the electrically operated haulage winch which can take 32 pilgrims at a time, each trip taking only eight minutes.The presiding deity in the shrine is called as Balasubramanya or Dandayudhapani. It is believed that the idol of the deity was made by the great Siddha Rishi Bogar, a contemporary of Sage Agastyar, with an amalgam of nine medicinal minerals called Navapashanam according to a rare formula, which would make the idol as hard as a rock. Lord Muruga is worshipped here in the infant aspect of Subramanya representing the fruit of knowledge or Guana Pazham. The daily Abhisheka (sacred bath) for the deity consists of water mixed with sandal paste, milk, honey, sugar candy and sacred ash. This combination is called as Panchamritham which is highly venerated as it is said to contain miraculous curative effects. The sandal paste with which the deity is decorated is known as Ra Kala Chandanam which is said to be a panacea for many incurable ailments.
Palani in Tamil means Pazham Nee. fruit Thou art. The fruit of all wisdom and knowledge. The worship form peculiar to this temple is the bearing of Kavadi slung on shoulders by the devotee up to the Altar.
Palani is connected by rail and road with most of the places in South India. Excellent bus system operates to this town through out the day and night. Very good lodgings, choultries and rest houses are available in the town. Taxis and autorickshaws are also available for local sight seeing.

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