Tourist Places in PUDUKOTTAI (Tamil Nadu) – PUDUKOTTAI (60 kms. from Tiruchirapally)


(60 kms. from Tiruchirapally)


PUDUKOTTAI (60 kms. from Tiruchirapally)
Pudukottai ruled formerly by a family known as Tondaiman Rajas, was founded in 1686 by Raghunatha Raya of Tondaimandalam, who played a leading part in South Indian history. This former princely state is rich in ancient temples due to its natural caves in the hills. Primitive tribes had their dwelling places in most of these caves. Later, Jain monks, attracted by the remote peacefulness of these caves, made their homes there. Many Pandya and Pallava kings of those times were Jains and hence the monks enjoyed their patronage. The region of Pudukottai has some of the outstanding temples renowned for beautiful architecture and many cave temples of the ancient days. The Rajas of Pudukottai took considerable interest in preserving these monuments.

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