Tourist Places in Udupi District (Karnataka) – st mary’s island community centre

 The first boat to leave for St. Mary’s island starts off at 9.00 AM provided there are at least 30 people for the journey. It takes about less than 30 minutes to reach the island. At the island another small boat will ferry passengers back and forth from the bigger vessel.

St. Mary’s Island is full of unique Columnar joints, formed during the formation of earth and it is a geological heaven for Geologists and Environmentalist. It is a pleasure to see the magic of nature with huge neatly formed columns of rocks and the different shapes of the rock formation is a pleasure to see. It is sad to note that such a unique and beautiful place has being neglected by both the public and Karnataka Govt. The island has become more famous due to the film shots – mostly song scenes been shot at this island than for its origin and geological importance.

Speaking about film shootings – it is a nuisance to visit this island when there is a fil shooting in progress. The film crew wont let you in peace and constant, repeated blaring of so called “music” and the director’s mike blaring 1 – 2 -3 . ”cut it” makes one feel disgusted. Worse to bare is the arrogant attitude of the film crew who keep shooing away people if they are in the line of sight of shooting .. even if you are far away from the shooting location.

December is the best time to visit St Mary s island – especially during the Christmas vacation as the weather is cool and pleasant when compared to other months. Besides, increased tourist increases the frequency of boats ferrying the passengers to St. Mary’s island. The island has a small children’s park. A guard is posted to make sure that people dont get into areas that are too deep. Watch out for those slippery rocks. Some parts of the island seems to be filled with broken sea shells rather than the usual sand. It is a pleasure to see the clean water splashing along the beach. Better to carry sufficient water and light snacks with you. Avoid wearing expensive footwear as you are bound to walk in sea water – sometimes knee deep as you get off the boat at the island. Please help to keep the island clean by observing all rules and regulations that helps to keep the environment clean and safe.

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The boat incharge who ferried you to the island will inform the time you need to come back at the embarkation point. On your return you could stop at the dockyard and see the loading and unloading of fishes from the boats. You can also see fishermen mending their nets, fishing boats filling ” up their boats with crushed ice etc.. beware about the strong stench of fish. Even the interior of the cars starts to stink after a visit to this dockyard. Remember to carry a bottle of car perfume.

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