Tourist Places in Udupi District (Karnataka) – st mary’s island community centre

 The first boat to leave for St. Mary’s island starts off at 9.00 AM provided there are at least 30 people for the journey. It takes about less than 30 minutes to reach the island. At the island another small boat will ferry passengers back and forth from the bigger… Continue reading

Tourist Places in Mangalore (Karnataka) – Mangalore beach in karnataka

Mangalore  is  placed  at  the  confluence  of  the  Netravathi  and Gurupura rivers, forming the backwaters. One of the beaches in Mangalore,  known  as  Tannirbavi  Beach,  is  one  of  the  nice beaches of Dakshina Kannada, which is famous for the imposing view  of the sunset. Another  beach offers solitude to visitors… Continue reading

Tourist Places in Mangalore (Karnataka) – Pilikula park nisarga dhama

Pilikula Park is close to Mangalore city. The term “Pilikula Park” literally means “pond of tigers”. It is well known as a mystical spot in which tigers are moving freely. This park, also known as Pilikula Nisargadhama, is an integrated Nature Park, offering pleasant variety of attractions to the nature… Continue reading

Tourist Places in Mangalore (Karnataka) – Kukke subramanya temple

 The village of Kukke Subrahmanya is located in the state of Karnataka in Sulia Taluk The village is known for its many temples, the main one being the Kukke Subrahmanya Temple set against the hills of Kumara Parvatha Other than being a pilgrimage centre, Kukke Subrahmanya is known for access to… Continue reading