Tourist Places in Mangalore (Karnataka) – Pilikula park nisarga dhama

Pilikula Park is close to Mangalore city. The term “Pilikula Park” literally means “pond of tigers”. It is well known as a mystical spot in which tigers are moving freely.

This park, also known as Pilikula Nisargadhama, is an integrated Nature Park, offering pleasant variety of attractions to the nature levers and eco tourists. Dense tropical forests surround this amazingly big park located in 350 acres offering the visitors with a panoramic view of the greenery to tt›e aesthetic eyes.

This  t›otanicaI  park éffers     rare treat  for those  want  to  be in  company with animals, plants and flowers. The park showcases a wild variety of marine and fresh water species and there is plenty of recreation and amusement for casual visitors.

Pilikula also has a fully functional golf course extending to a wide area of picturesque land near the park. It offers 9-hole golf course with a total yardage of about 2800 yards. A golf cabin is constructed in the middle of the course.

The park with well placed and maintained gardens, the calm lake suitable for boating and the wildlife sanctuary makes Pilikula a perfect ideal place for outings.

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