Tourist Places near Kumbakonam (Tamil Nadu) – Gangaikondacholapuram temple history


Gangaikondacholapuram: .32 kms. The great monument at this place is known as the second Brihadishawara temple. It was established by Rajendra son of Raja Raja Chola, to commemorate his victorious march to east India upto the Ganga river. This huge temple is a treasure house of Chola art and sculpture. The most notable among these are the sculptures of Gnana Saraswati sitting over a lotus, and Chandeshwara Anugraha Murthy. The temple is said to be the most outstanding monument of Chola sculpture of those days. There is a huge Nandi figure in front of the temple. A subsidiary shrine dedicated to Mahishasuramardini has a beautiful figure of the goddess. The Simha Tirtha within the temple enclosure is an added attraction. Recent excavations have revealed the locations of the royal palaces and other chambers.

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