Tourist Places near Kumbakonam (Tamil Nadu) – Darasuram temple in kumbakonam

darasuram temple in kumbakonam

Darasuram: 4 kms. Originally known as Raja Rajapuram, this tiny village has a marvellous Shiva temple dedicated to Airavatheshwara. It is said that Raja Raja Chola built this temple to commemorate his victory over the Chalukyan monarch at Kalyanapura. He brought from there a beautiful idol of a Dwarapalaka as a trophy which has been installed in the front of temple on the eastern side. Like other Chola temples, Darasuram temple too is full of sculptural work. The front portion of the temple appears like a stone chariot with wheels. The Bali Peetha outside the shrine has steps of dressed stones which emit different tones of sound like the keys struck on a piano. All the seven notes of Indian music have been incorporated in these steps. The village has developed as a silk weaving centre.

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