Tourist Places near Kumbakonam (Tamil Nadu) – Oppiliappan koil kumbakonam

oppiliappan koil kumbakonam

Oppilliappan Kovil: 6 kms. Thiru Oppiliappan temple is situated in the village bearing the same name. In the temple records, the deity is ‘Sri Venkatachalapathi believed to be the elder brother of Lord Venkateshwara of Tirumala. The Alwars called the Lord of this place as Than Oppar IUappan, meaning God without a peer. Hence he came to be popularly called as Oppilliappan. This is a Prarthana Shrine. Tradition has it that devotees get fulfilled here of their vows and pilgrims throng to discharge their debt to gratitude to the deity. The Kalyana Mandapam of the temple is very popular for celebrating marriages. It is noteworthy that only salt free dishes are offered to the deity as Markandeya Maharshi practiced it during his time. This tradition is kept up even to this day.

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